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Emancipated Daughter

Like this red road I bend But won’t break I don’t stalk I investigate

In Motion

WHAT IS COERCIVE CONTROL? Perpetrators of coercive control are domestic violence abusers who resort to illegal acts in order to further abuse their victim. Coercive Control is all about power for the perpetrator. They will use emotional, mental, financial, verbal, and physical abuse. Criminalizing coercive control in the most egregious deadbeat parent cases is necessary […]

Tips For Remodelling Your Perfect Kitchen. — New Lune

Home remodelling and redesign are likely to be something of a trend in 2021, with the pandemic impacting other areas of personal spending. Going on holiday may be impossible for much of the year, whilst gigs, clubs and eating out are all currently restricted. Whilst some people may be feeling a financial pinch, there will […] […]

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