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New Attitude

#RoMosePhotosNeed some #follows #photagraphy #poetry #writingcommmunity pic.twitter.com/J2JEvTSOfg — RoMo (@RoMosePhotos) July 4, 2021 Rough Country Road=Less Company #solitude No, really. I like you. It’s not you, it’s me. Writing and shooting Wild Country

how friends can destroy or construct your life

We always become affected contaminated by different ideas and thoughts from the people who we believe and sometimes they take a chance and acts as our lovely friends, The following are the ways by which our friends can affect our life. how friends can destroy or construct your life

Fireworks in My Head

I saw stars Bright Light Explosion Flashback July Fourth Freedom? Fighting Fifty-four years Flash! Slapped Bang! Head knocked Counter blow How far will he go? I never know Then I wake Curled in a ball Sweating One day I’ll be free Red, white & blue Pretty fireworks Purple & blue Flesh healed Psyche bruised But […]

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