Khawaga Kid

Getting My Money’s Worth

Paid for my site and domain name for another year. New Year’s Resolution Post more content! Productivity increases When procrastination Ceases

Shadow Woman ✍️ Writer

Paring down social media means letting go of Facebook and losing my page. Toxic place, people rant, spewing rage and Fake News. So, I’m here now. One of the Nine Lives of Khawaga Kid. In this life, I was a young wife and mother. Turned out I left the secret of life behind closed doors […]

Hold the Phone!

I said this so many times yesterday while I was teaching my 76 yo mother how to use a cell phone. I’d say, “Hold the phone…” then we’d both start laughing. It was a funny 🤣🤣 but long lesson. Yes, she did learn how to hold the phone.


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