Khawaga Kid

Trial Set

December 15, 2021. I plan to host a few small beach events while I wait for the trial. International Deadbeat Dad feels “unsafe to the point of fearing for his life.” He hates my truth and fears my voice speaking truth. Just the same ages old story really. Abuser seeking silence from one of his […]

Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground Not a battleground I stand my ground A new sound Buzzes around Silence No fists pound My flesh They frowned I cringed Wings singed By Friendly Fire I fly Aboveground Not buried Underground Circle round Unbroken Words spoken New ground broken Planting seeds Of freedom

International Deadbeat Parents

These deadbeat parents are the hardest to catch. In my family, International Deadbeat Dad’s callous neglect of my comatose sister, simply because his urge to maintain coercive control of our mother was unfathomable to me. He lived in luxury traveling the world with assorted mistresses and wives. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… My mother stopped […]

Criminalize Coercive Control!

Jumeira American School. Dubai, U.A.E. Go Falcons! Outside the home, our facade intact. The “Perfect All American Family.” Behind closed doors, we were hostages and silent witnesses to Domestic Abuse. His two worlds were colliding, so “his” family of females ordered to return to USA so he could be public with his mistress. Cracks were […]

In Motion

WHAT IS COERCIVE CONTROL? Perpetrators of coercive control are domestic violence abusers who resort to illegal acts in order to further abuse their victim. Coercive Control is all about power for the perpetrator. They will use emotional, mental, financial, verbal, and physical abuse. Criminalizing coercive control in the most egregious deadbeat parent cases is necessary […]

Tips For Remodelling Your Perfect Kitchen. — New Lune

Home remodelling and redesign are likely to be something of a trend in 2021, with the pandemic impacting other areas of personal spending. Going on holiday may be impossible for much of the year, whilst gigs, clubs and eating out are all currently restricted. Whilst some people may be feeling a financial pinch, there will […] […]

Seasoning My Life

My only rule is don’t be bland. I love the spice of life! Some days I feel cool like a vanilla bean in ice cream. Other days I am comforting like pot roast and potatoes with carrots, onions, garlic and bay leaves. In every recipe of days, I don’t divulge all my secrets. Every creator […]


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