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Yogurt Bowl with Harissa Chickpeas & Persimmon Salad

This Herby Yogurt Bowl is the second recipe in our Lunch Therapy series. It’s creamy and crunchy, warm and cold, spicy and fresh. And yet it comes together in no more than 15 minutes. Yogurt Bowl with Harissa Chickpeas & Persimmon Salad Yogurt Bowl with Harissa Chickpeas & Persimmon Salad

Momma Hen

I call her Mama. My sister called her Momma. This young lady’s picture tugs at my heartstrings because I know her future. July 15, 1984. Her “Baby Doll” suffered traumatic brain injury. July 17, 1995. Momma’s chick died in her sleep at home. Home. The cozy nest made for her comatose child. Home. Where both […]

Thank You for Following!

Writing is my preferred method of communication, giving me time to think before I speak. Today I write to 37 other bloggers following me. I have tried to interact with each of you on some level, yet there are a few I can’t reach for varied reasons. 2021. I resolved to deactivate a Twitter account […]

I Come From Around Here

“So, where are you from?” I’m evasive, illusive, when I answer this question. “I come from around here.” I have chosen my hometown; they just don’t know it yet. So many to choose from and some tug away at my heartstrings. Foreign places, cozy spaces, juicy peaches, silent beaches. Falling leaves or Evergreen. I come […]

Hello Sun, Goodbye Moon

January photos delayed posting due to illness. (Not Covid) Back out and feeling well. Passing the baton Eternal relay I cannot say Which to bet on Each glorious In an opposite way Victorious Rising and setting Sun and moon Both make me swoon Two loves, no wedding

Best Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Aarthi is a travel blogger and freelance content writer by profession. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and friends, going for hikes, and listening to music. Reading and painting are her two other interests. Find more at Guest Post – “Best Morning Desert Safari In Dubai”. Morning Desert Safari […]

Quotes to Write By

Soon it will end after decades. The Family Court Case from Hell. 1984 thru 2021. Mama and me? We vow to ourselves and one another that this is the final court battle. We will be free of Kabtn Khawaga, ex-husband and ex-father. I am his daughter, Khawaga Kid; Write Fighter. I chronicle the days of […]

Opposites Attract

Every time I saw him, I felt a peace within me. It seemed my soul would settle while my heart skipped a beat. Calm and peaceful, a gentle giant. He calls me his Wild Woman from the Woods. Yes, opposites do attract.

Be Featured & Inspire Others!

Do you have an inspiring personal story to tell or an encouraging work of poetry to share with others? Would you like to expand your own blog readership by getting your writing featured on As you may be aware, our primary aim at PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry is to inspire, empower, and educate the […]


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