Khawaga Kid

Please Understand

You never know what experiences might be in someone’s past, but whatever it is doesn’t have to control their future.

Dear Hubby,

I’ll take one of each. Please. And thank you. ❣👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇🥰 Dream Job? Writers Wanted! Your “voice” is unique. Use it or lose it. I am a Warrior Woman, a Write Fighter.

Sleepless in the South

Two stepmothers before her and his abuse of his three previous wives led me to believe that he was still violent physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally. Diva has also signed her name to a statement and complaint that includes false information, misleading information and I consider this another form of abuse called abusive litigation or malicious […]

Welcome to My Office

Distractions deter me Like dusting and laundry I live in the country Red dirt roads, dusty Ancestors speak to me Whisper in my ear We’re still here Write our story Write your story

Sleepless in the Sticks

Sheep? Shepherd’s dream flocks. Time? Tick tock clocks. Insomnia lies. Lives flash before my eyes. Cobwebs of dreams adorn waking hours. While darkness dances in a field of flowers.


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