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Substitute For Dill

Substitute For Dill – For the dill weed herb, the dill plant (Anethum graveolens) provides feathery green leaves, while the dill seed spice is produced from small, oval fruits. It’s a celery-related annual herb that likes to replant itself and spread widely, which is nice to know if you intend to grow it in your […]


Flamingo yard ornaments have been dismissed as “tacky” by many people. Tacky? A flamboyant flamingo is tacky? I think they’re beautiful birds with spectacular feathers. I’m already planning his next birthday celebration. Everything flamingo! Yep. He’ll be quite surprised.

Old Houses on Red Dirt Roads

Social Distancing Travel? I do. Find a dirt road Or two Old Home Places Ghostly faces Past leaves traces Now I have the time Photography and Rhyme

Narcissist No Contact

You taught me a lot. Both of you. All of you. You both taught me to know my enemy. The Cobra AND The Cottonmouth

Judge Will Decide

Hey you, yeah you. You think court is a good idea? So do I! Validation seeing your signature on a document full of lies and obfuscation. Desperately trying to keep that power and Coercive Control over your First Mate V. I won’t let you. I told you many times before and I tell you again… […]

A Poem for Afghanistan

Greetings from the Philippines! Distressed by the photos I have been seeing these days, I have penned a short poem for our Afghan brothers and sisters. Thanks for reading and I hope that you all continue to pray for them. Sending love and light to eveyone. A POEM FOR AFGHANISTAN Born from the tumultuous history […]


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