Caught in the Web


I took this picture of rain droplets caught in a spider web, but Rico Mack was caught in the World Wide Web.

Oh, he likes people to see his facade, the public perfect family persona, he only has a problem with me, his oldest kid, Khaki Mack. I am part of the(fictional) public, so what he chooses to make public includes me. I know too much and he can’t control me with fear, or threats, or lies, or lawsuits.

Finally, I see the finish line and I run across it, beating him with truth. He is a bad liar and a sore loser, and me? I’m ready for a new race, a new story. Tired of the same track and the same loser trying to beat me.

When this is over, my blog might take shape and maybe I’ll sleep. Maybe I’ll finally be free of his life of lies.

Taz Tumbleweed Travels…

Never Alone

Parched, scrubby, desolate land. Deserted Desert.

God said, “Follow Me.”

Me? I’m the second Tumbleweed,

Following the Rainbow

God’s promise to Noah’s

Future Generations.

Dysfunction is devilish

A hellish dervish

A scourge upon