Trial Set

December 15, 2021. I plan to host a few small beach events while I wait for the trial. International Deadbeat Dad feels “unsafe to the point of fearing for his life.” He hates my truth and fears my voice speaking truth. Just the same ages old story really. Abuser seeking silence from one of his victims. He should know me better than that! I have exercised my right to not remain silent since I was eight. That’s when I found out that all families didn’t live like we did behind closed doors. Working on my memoir Khawaga Kid. Building C4 my Coastal Coalition EXPOSING Coercive Control.

Advice With Pics

100% Agree
Diva Facebook Live…Once Upon A Time…But Not Now! Co-Defendant.
Kabtn Khawaga Smoking Shisha and Looking Tired.
“Tell her that if she doesn’t accept my offer, I will just stay in Egypt.” You should have stayed in Egypt, Kabtn Khawaga aka Defendant.
1979 thru 2021–The Family Court Case from Hell.

My Daily Med

Sunday, December 20, 2020. Have you ever praised God–singing and rejoicing–as you drive your car when suddenly, you feel you’re not alone? The fact is, you aren’t. God’s angels are there; right by your side. You may not see them, but they are there!

Your praise isn’t just an expression of your joy. You actually are doing battle in the spirit realm. While you are praising God–swoop!–the angels of God are stopping your enemy in His tracks. Swoop!–the angels of God are scattering your enemy!


Another Crisp and Sunny Day in LA (Lower Alabama)
Frosty Future? For a Few Months.
Shadow Woman. “Hay, Hay, Hay!”

Our Mama/Momma and V-Her Protector

I called her yesterday because I rescheduled my appointment in town yesterday. I bake a pan of cornbread for her and she freezes it. Despising V does not keep me from loving our Mama/Momma.

I call my mother our Mama/Momma in my writing because her girls spelled it differently. When I write to her on cards, letters, gifts, I spell her name Mama. When Sheila wrote to her on cards, letters, gifts, she spelled her name Momma. Yes. To me her name is Mama and Mama is another word for love.

But that V!!! Anyway, I knew I had to let her know so she wouldn’t be waiting and wondering about me and her cornbread. Our conversation went well. I really do miss my Mama….

Kabtn Khawaga. My father. His First Mate V. She is the protector of Mama/Momma. You have to go through V sometimes to get to Mama/Momma. V is Vicious. Kabtn Khawaga dispenses dysfunction like some men pass out business cards. But he does it behind closed doors.

Khawaga Kid. My memoir. I can write freely now, not blocked by the last secret. The secret of V.

Kabtn Khawaga

Kabtn Khawaga and Khawaga Kid

Kabtn Khawaga hates when I use this picture of him. I hate why he took it. He was at a small airport in Mississippi, fleeing back to Egypt where he’s managed to remain an International Deadbeat Dad since 1987. This picture….can you see the smirk on his face? He’s a liar, a fraudster, an abuser and he despises me for telling his truth.

Readers, this is where I’ll write as I prepare my first memoir called Khawaga Kid.