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Modern Dubai is A Third World Country Wearing A First World Mask

My family lived in Dubai in the 1970’s, when employees willing to move there received an additional wage called “hardship pay.”

Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al Makhtoum was the benevolent ruler who only had one wife, by choice. He was wise in his dealings and generous to our Girl Scout Troop, allowing us to ride horses from his stables.

Jumeirah Beach was a lovely stretch of beach where our company hosted “seafood bawls,” a Louisiana cuisine staple. Shrimp, crabs, potatoes, onions and corn on the cob were boiled in huge pots. Newspaper was spread on makeshift tables made from planks of plywood on sawhorses, and the feast was piled on the newspaper.

We, the “younguns” would venture away from the lights around the tables to explore abandoned buildings, now only foundations. We heard nothing but the wind and waves as they lapped the beach. Oh, and our laughter, filled the night as we played.

New Dubai is a parody, a facade, truly castles and industries built on the sands of an artificial playground. Nothing left of the once beautiful and old world charm. It saddens me, because I see behind the mask.

If you read the news, you know how even wives and daughters of the rulers of Dubai are treated. How those of the servant class are treated, virtually slaves. Glamor on display, but squalor and degradation behind the glitz and glamor.

I mourn the “hardship” of my Dubai. It was home to me and this new Dubai is a transient place with a false face.

Dear Hubby,

I’ll take one of each. Please. And thank you. ❣👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇🥰

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Written Word vs. Speaking

Writing is my preferred method of communication, giving me time to think before I speak. Today I write to 37 other bloggers following me. I have tried to interact with each of you on some level, yet there are a few I can’t reach for varied reasons.

I Heart Books, Reading, Writers and Writing

2021. I resolved to deactivate a Twitter account with 3500+ followers; starting again from scratch. I haven’t tweeted much on my new profile, and the same is true for Facebook.(Update July 5, 2021. I deleted Facebook and uninstalled the app on my phone.) This blog is my choice to stay “socially connected”, and I haven’t been consistent, but real world events are happening in real time that keep me busy. Yes, I will write about them, but for today, I just want to thank all 36 of you.

Success. Rejection. I’m here to prove I can succeed even when my words are rejected.

We all have our unique niche and I’m happy to be writing. Writing can be our escape, our sanity saver, a dream and/or a nightmare. Creating worlds with words. I love it.

Pay Attention to Signs

There is only One Way to succeed…Do not give up on your dream. Stop trash talking yourself, your talent. All Way sign? You can take yourself anywhere in writing. Have words and get ready for a wild and glorious ride with imagination your guide. ♥️✍

I Come From Around Here

Khawaga Kid

“So, where are you from?” I’m evasive, elusive, when I answer this question. “I come from around here.”

I have chosen my hometown; they just don’t know it yet. So many to choose from and some tug away at my heartstrings.

Foreign places, cozy spaces, juicy peaches, silent beaches. Falling leaves or Evergreen. I come from around here…Khawaga Kid