Quotes to Write By

Busy bee, that’s me…writing
Khawaga Kid found her voice to use in The Family Court Case from Hell
Today I am better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.

Soon it will end after decades. The Family Court Case from Hell. 1984 thru 2021. Mama and me? We vow to ourselves and one another that this is the final court battle. We will be free of Kabtn Khawaga, ex-husband and ex-father.

I am his daughter, Khawaga Kid; Write Fighter. I chronicle the days of our lives and the poison of his lies. Out of alibis, caught by the world wide web.

Advice With Pics

100% Agree
Diva Facebook Live…Once Upon A Time…But Not Now! Co-Defendant.
Kabtn Khawaga Smoking Shisha and Looking Tired.
“Tell her that if she doesn’t accept my offer, I will just stay in Egypt.” You should have stayed in Egypt, Kabtn Khawaga aka Defendant.
1979 thru 2021–The Family Court Case from Hell.

Furbabies. My Warm Fuzzies.

A few members of Khawaga Kid’s emotional support group. 🐾♥️ Big Red Fuzzy is our girl Bossey. The affectionate hugger is Bud Boudreaux from Bay St. Louis, MS. Stripe Eddy is my taskmaster and talker. I ask him, “Stripe, when do you want treats?” He answers with, “Right meow.” 😺

Meet part of my Furbaby Family. These three usually join me for early morning My Daily Med and first words of the day.

Khawaga Kid and Kabtn Khawaga. Kabtn Khawaga is my father. I am his Khawaga Kid. My mother is his First Mate V. I am writing a memoir called The Family Court Case from Hell.

I changed the name of my 10th anniversary “card” to hubby. It’s called Howdy Neighbor. Arrowhead Season is a chapter and also a poem.

Sister of Khawaga Kid. Her name in my writing is Talathy Opal. My name is Alexandria Pearl. Our Father of Lies is Rico Mack–Kingpin of the Coastal Cartel. Our mother is his First Mate V. We are the family my truth as fiction writing called


Jaunty, Jolly Mushroom
View from the Top–Merry Mushroom

My blog is my writing world post-NaNo2020. Emerging. Becoming.

Mama’s Gingerbread House

Candlewick Gingerbread House designed and sewn by our Mama/Momma

Needs a touch up, so I took it to her yesterday. She will wash it, block it, and have the lace sitting “just so” when she works her magic. I have the last real Christmas Tree she decorated. She gave it to me, changing her Christmas decor; her little cozy place of her own. I wanted her to have her beautiful gingerbread creation. Although it’s tiny, a lot of love and time were invested in this project she completed in 1986.

Back of Mama’s Gingerbread House
Side 1 of Mama’s Gingerbread House.
Side 2 of Mama’s Gingerbread House.
Roof of Mama’s Gingerbread House.

Meet Kabtn Khawaga

Kabtn Khawaga, father of me, his Khawaga Kid

This photo was taken and posted to social media around 2015. His motion to modify alimony and judgment didn’t go his way. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I got his message loud and clear. Me, the go-between for my parents. He would always tell me in such a casual way that she could accept what he was offering, or “I’ll just stay in Egypt.” That’s what his message was to me with this pic.

Kabtn Khawaga did stay in Egypt from 1982 until 2019. I am writing the story of our family life and when he chose to abandon us.

Now, all the pictures he posted to taunt…well…I saved them. He cannot stand that his barbs were like a boomerang, returning to haunt him as the hopefully final court battle looms.

As always, I say to Kabtn Khawaga, “Pay what you owe my mother and sister, or move back to Egypt. You cannot live peacefully in Mississippi while you are committing fraud, financial abuse and coercive control against my mother. Too late for my brain damaged sister that you abandoned. She died defrauded by you of the medical care, financial support…but mostly…you never came to see her, touch her, hug her, tell her you loved her. Lame excuses don’t work on me, your Khawaga Kid. I know why you stayed away.