Criminalize Coercive Control!

The Gypsy, my little sister. The Welder, me…anything to please the man formerly known as Daddy.

Jumeira American School. Dubai, U.A.E. Go Falcons! Outside the home, our facade intact. The “Perfect All American Family.” Behind closed doors, we were hostages and silent witnesses to Domestic Abuse. His two worlds were colliding, so “his” family of females ordered to return to USA so he could be public with his mistress. Cracks were showing in our world.

Kabtn Khawaga continues to do all three.

The Family Court Case from Hell…on summer break so Kabtn can fly back to Egypt with his fourth family…three females, born in Alexandria, Egypt. For every action there is an opposite reaction. Because this man is an abuser, I became a voice for change, speaking out. Telling my truth to help others offends him because I break the family code of domestic violence perpetrators and victims…silence.

Emancipated Daughter…waiting for American Judicial Justice…40 years and counting.

He’s slithered away once more, but I’m here and working while waiting for a Trial Date…Complaint and Summons to Appear…he seeks to silence me. I work on C4–Coastal Coalition EXPOSING Coercive Control. Mission of C4? Awareness. Education. Prevention. Prosecution.

Shining light in dark places.

C4 is 4U! You have the right to not remain silent! Silence keeps you a victim…fight for survival. Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Waiting for a Trial Date is progress on my journey. It means I will be heard even though the abuser used his usual coercive tactics, his abuse is now evidence entered by him as court documents. While Kabtn Khawaga is on vacay, Emancipated Daughter is working away, planning public awareness campaigns!

Meet Kabtn Khawaga

Kabtn Khawaga, father of me, his Khawaga Kid

This photo was taken and posted to social media around 2015. His motion to modify alimony and judgment didn’t go his way. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I got his message loud and clear. Me, the go-between for my parents. He would always tell me in such a casual way that she could accept what he was offering, or “I’ll just stay in Egypt.” That’s what his message was to me with this pic.

Kabtn Khawaga did stay in Egypt from 1982 until 2019. I am writing the story of our family life and when he chose to abandon us.

Now, all the pictures he posted to taunt…well…I saved them. He cannot stand that his barbs were like a boomerang, returning to haunt him as the hopefully final court battle looms.

As always, I say to Kabtn Khawaga, “Pay what you owe my mother and sister, or move back to Egypt. You cannot live peacefully in Mississippi while you are committing fraud, financial abuse and coercive control against my mother. Too late for my brain damaged sister that you abandoned. She died defrauded by you of the medical care, financial support…but mostly…you never came to see her, touch her, hug her, tell her you loved her. Lame excuses don’t work on me, your Khawaga Kid. I know why you stayed away.

Girls Who Can’t Say No

He is big

He is strong

I have no choice

It is wrong

The big bad wolf

A fairy tale

But no, he’s here

He whispers in my ear

If you tell

No one will believe

So young

I don’t know

How to grieve

But I know

I have no voice

Left without a choice

A girl who can’t say no

My Daily Med

The birthday message that changed me:


It is difficult to grow spiritually if you have offense in your heart. When you walk in blessing, love, and forgiveness, you will experience God’s peace and power. Are you having a tough time letting go of offense? I did.

October 31, 2020. Birthday number 58. I was ready to get well. Something everyone should know–You cannot heal spiritual disease with worldly cures. I have taken this message from Joyce Meyer Ministries as my Year 58 Pledge. DON’T TAKE OFFENSE. You can refuse to TAKE the offense offered.

What kinds of things offend us? When someone doesn’t appreciate my work, or me; when people talk at me and don’t listen to me, I got offended. Another person ignored me, my father’s abuse and fraud. That is the biggy and the one that set me free and started the healing of my soul sickness. Wow! What a force Christians could be on this earth if we could all just decide to love each other and stop criticizing people who don’t think exactly the way we think. When we get to heaven, there will not be designated sections for each denomination. We have this life here on earth to practice getting along.


We must unify around our differences in our lives. Learn how to disagree agreeably and appreciate the differences in people.

One of Paul’s Apostolic Power Prayers is Philippians 1:9-11–9) And this I pray, that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and in discernment, 10) That you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense til the day of Christ, 11) being filled with the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God. ***I pray you might approve things that are excellent; that you may be SINCERE and WITHOUT OFFENSE until Christ returns.*** Psalm 119:165–Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble.***

There are certain things you can put on your prayer list, and these things are important enough to pray every day. Pray every morning that for this day, you will not be offended and get mad at anyone. Just to be able to say to the Lord when you say your prayers at night, “Lord, I’m happy to say that I can go to sleep tonight and I’m not mad at anyone.”

Furthermore, if you want to be a seriously committed Christian, you will lay aside your emotions and what you think, and you will be committed to not going to bed angry. Don’t wait for the other person to make it right, just go ahead and be first.

When you wake up in the morning, pray, “God, keep me strong so I do not spend my day offended.” Say to yourself, “Today, I choose to not be offended no matter what happens.”

Coastal Coalition Against Coercive Control (C4) is a proactive approach to continued abuse within my family. I have been instructed to share my own personal experience with the detrimental effects of coercive control. The most insidious thing about coercive control is that the abuser does not have to be present in your life to inflict this type of abuse.

COERCIVE CONTROL is an established pattern of abuse. Some abusers will even commit crimes to maintain control of their intended victim, and they do not care who else is hurt in the process.

C4 Slogan–Hurt people hurt people. Part of my outreach will be addressing the effects of domestic violence, which I believe is a Generational Curse and only healing soul sickness will break it.

C4. The Coastal Coalition Against Coercive Control. Awareness. Education. Prevention. Prosecution.

Dear Sister Sheesh

My sons called you Aunt Sheesh. You were my sidekick through life; an early birthday gift the year I turned four. I can’t forget having to leave you and our poodle NiNi when I ran away from Mobile, AL in July of 1979. You’re both dead now. I have survivor’s guilt. It’s still hard to write the word dead for the two of you; deaths caused by friendly fire on the battlefield of the family wars.

I flew away in the middle of the night, leaving everything that was precious to me behind, except for my independence. I could not live a prisoner of war, home is a foreign place, an enemy camp. I failed you and NiNi. I could not keep you safe. The grief is deep in my heart for the way you lived the last eleven years and two days of your life. I feel you and NiNi waiting for me. You did nothing that requires my forgiveness.