Robin Holley Moody is Khawaga Kid

Kabtn Khawaga is the man I used to call Daddy. Aka International Deadbeat Dad. Aka Rico Mack. ✍🐪🌴⏳
Robin’s Soapbox was first posted 1 July 2014. 3 December 2021 C44U. Robin’s logo for the Coastal Coercive Control Coalition.

Jake, is Portia in her office to consult with me about this Family Court Case from Hell?

Truth as fiction. I’ve always wanted Author/Attorney John Grisham to represent me by creating an aggressive attorney like Jake has in his office.

Female legal counsel Portia, have I got a case for you! But I’m too busy living it to make this up…so after December 15, 2021, I’ll check in with you.

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