24 Poem Advent Calendar

Poem A Day Advent Calendar
Day One Drawer

Christmas 2021

The safest home I ever had is establishing a New Tradition. Instead of taking things out of the drawers, I’m adding a poem a day.

Freedom from coercive control and showing others the way. A path chosen for me, not by me.

C44U is the logo! Coastal Coercive Control Coalition is the name!

Coalition Goals:

1) Awareness. What is Coercive Control?

2) Education. Coercive Control is a pattern of behavior established over decades of other abuses by a perpetrator of violence against discarded families of International Deadbeat Parents.

3) Prevention. Passage of Sheila’s Law. In honor of 2 most vulnerable victims, my deceased sister and our mother who cared for her. The life they were forced to live by the criminally negligent perpetrator was forced upon them by a man I once called Daddy.


Perpetrator One

Home of International Deadbeat Dad
Sheila’s Law–Prosecution


The final loophole closed. International Deadbeat Parents and the International Entities that conspire to defraud discarded families.

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