Criminalize Coercive Control!

The Gypsy, my little sister. The Welder, me…anything to please the man formerly known as Daddy.

Jumeira American School. Dubai, U.A.E. Go Falcons! Outside the home, our facade intact. The “Perfect All American Family.” Behind closed doors, we were hostages and silent witnesses to Domestic Abuse. His two worlds were colliding, so “his” family of females ordered to return to USA so he could be public with his mistress. Cracks were showing in our world.

Kabtn Khawaga continues to do all three.

The Family Court Case from Hell…on summer break so Kabtn can fly back to Egypt with his fourth family…three females, born in Alexandria, Egypt. For every action there is an opposite reaction. Because this man is an abuser, I became a voice for change, speaking out. Telling my truth to help others offends him because I break the family code of domestic violence perpetrators and victims…silence.

Emancipated Daughter…waiting for American Judicial Justice…40 years and counting.

He’s slithered away once more, but I’m here and working while waiting for a Trial Date…Complaint and Summons to Appear…he seeks to silence me. I work on C4–Coastal Coalition EXPOSING Coercive Control. Mission of C4? Awareness. Education. Prevention. Prosecution.

Shining light in dark places.

C4 is 4U! You have the right to not remain silent! Silence keeps you a victim…fight for survival. Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Waiting for a Trial Date is progress on my journey. It means I will be heard even though the abuser used his usual coercive tactics, his abuse is now evidence entered by him as court documents. While Kabtn Khawaga is on vacay, Emancipated Daughter is working away, planning public awareness campaigns!

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