Seasons of My Life

To: The Family Court Case from Hell

From: Khawaga Kid aka Emancipated Daughter in Divorce Decree

My roots were dying. I wasn’t flourishing, with the two of you nourishing your vendetta. My recent excursion into Hell offered me an option I had never explored in its legal context, I am emancipated! Running away in the summer of 1979 emancipated me.

My extremely vocal and persistent cat named Stripe Ed aka Striped Eddie is meowing outside my office door as I let my words flow free form onto the page, my therapist. I have been away from writing therapy, not by choice, but by the fact that I have not had time for my first love, words.

My Daily Med keeps me rooted in my personal relationship with a Godhead called the Trinity. I have never seen these three who are One physically, yet a book called the Bible, aka God’s Word, I believe. This sustains me through the passing seasons of my life, Surviving is not enough, though as I grew from victim to survivor, I was content with survivor status as opposed to victim status.

I am in my 58th season and find that I will not only survive, I will thrive and I will flourish. I have met the old new me and welcomed her back to my little family tree. The person I have been yet could not be.

Emancipated Daughter.

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