Meet Kabtn Khawaga

Kabtn Khawaga, father of me, his Khawaga Kid

This photo was taken and posted to social media around 2015. His motion to modify alimony and judgment didn’t go his way. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I got his message loud and clear. Me, the go-between for my parents. He would always tell me in such a casual way that she could accept what he was offering, or “I’ll just stay in Egypt.” That’s what his message was to me with this pic.

Kabtn Khawaga did stay in Egypt from 1982 until 2019. I am writing the story of our family life and when he chose to abandon us.

Now, all the pictures he posted to taunt…well…I saved them. He cannot stand that his barbs were like a boomerang, returning to haunt him as the hopefully final court battle looms.

As always, I say to Kabtn Khawaga, “Pay what you owe my mother and sister, or move back to Egypt. You cannot live peacefully in Mississippi while you are committing fraud, financial abuse and coercive control against my mother. Too late for my brain damaged sister that you abandoned. She died defrauded by you of the medical care, financial support…but mostly…you never came to see her, touch her, hug her, tell her you loved her. Lame excuses don’t work on me, your Khawaga Kid. I know why you stayed away.

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