Caring Hurts

Confession time. I am a loner, but I love people. This love of people reaches far through social media. My heart rejoices at their triumphs. I grieve when tragedy strikes them. In the past, I have deleted accounts because I was overwhelmed by the onslaught of feelings for these people I call my friends, though most I have never met in person. News of their death, or the death of a loved one or pet, illness or tragedies from fire, or storm, or lost love. I miss them, so I return once again, trying to mend broken connections. They have supported me when I felt alone and now I know this too is part of my life…celebrations, sharing grief, lending support. I’m back, having made peace with knowing how blessed I am to have a wireless connection with people worldwide and knowing we are more alike than we are different.

In This Together

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